Happy Tails Pet Care Services
659 Via Amalfi Street, Nepean, ON, Canada
639 Via Amalfi Street Ottawa Ontario K2J CA

The Happy Tails team is truly unique in the pet care industry. Our rigorous hiring process ensures that all staff have directly relevant credentials and experience – although loving animals is an important requirement, our staff must also demonstrate the practical skills and knowledge required to conduct themselves to the Happy Tails standard of care. After a robust screening process and interviews, those selected to be hired undergo an intensive 2-3 week training period during which they are personally guided and taught by Veronica and Brad. Staff are given the appropriate tools for their positions (leashes, long lines, etc), and trained on their proper and efficient use.

Training doesn’t stop after the hiring process is complete. Our staff consistently updates their skills with regular hands-on training workshops and seminars, and are encouraged to develop specialized knowledge. In addition, all staff are required to have Pet First AID and CPR, to ensure they are equipped to deal with any emergency situation. As a result of our staff’s extensive training, we are the top selected company for giant breeds, special needs pets, show animals (dogs/cats/horses), and pets with behavioural issues.

You’ve likely seen the Happy Tails team helping at events for local animal rescues, hosting community events, and out and about in your area. We love engaging with other animal lovers, and being active in our neighbourhoods.

Happy Tails is a proud registered member of Pet Sitters International.