SMASH's Strength Lab
1427 Ogilvie Road, Gloucester, ON, Canada
1425 Ogilvie Road Ottawa Ontario K1J 7P3 CA

Build a body that’s powerful, strong, and looks awesome!

We’re focused on building the best personal training facility in Ottawa.

What we believe is…

Training hard.  

Working towards our goals everyday.  

Getting a bit better everytime we train.

Training consistently with a focus.

Facing challenges head on.

Adapting and overcoming obstacles that bar our path.

Eating nutritious meals that fuel our bodies.

Accepting that it will always be hard.

Focusing on the little things.

And above all having fun.


SMASH’s Strength Lab offers targeted training to reach a variety of fitness and physique goals. As a natural bodybuilder, competitive powerlifter, certified personal trainer, and nutrition coach, I know how tough it can be trying to follow the “perfect” training program and work hard for weeks if not months, and you’re still not achieving the results you wanted — or you’re getting bored and frustrated in the process! If you are you an athlete, a physique competitor, or simply health-conscious, it doesn’t matter. I work with different body types and goals. I meet with you to see exactly what you’re looking for and what your goals are. Get started today.