Its takes a special kind of person with a unique set of kills to be a fantastic hair stylist or aesthetician. Devotion to perfection, a passion for making people feel good about themselves and a little bit of telepathy. If a hair stylist has a bad day, it temporarily ruins people’s lives so the craft requires those in the vocation to be on their best game at all times. At Dapper and Daring, we are so happy to have a wonderful variety of salons in our directory. Not only are these local stylists friendly to all people (and the best listeners) they are the masters of seeing your vision for your fresh new cut without the use of a crystal ball. Amazing!



Euphoria is a favourite of the Dapper and Daring team. No matter what you need done, you can come in looking like you just finished a cross-country trek on a Harley, their team of stylists can make you sparkle like it’s your wedding day. They’re like alchemists turning lead into gold. Facials, body treatments, waxing, mani + pedis, colouring, and styling are offered with natural based products which is something we think is great! They have a non-binary and trans intro haircut for $30 for people transitioning and offer consulting for those unsure of what they want.



The LOFT Urban Salon Team! Call and book your appointment today 613-232-0202. ….

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With two Ottawa locations to choose from, Loft is a happening spot creating some of the best styles for any occasion or desired look. At their Ottawa central location, they offer full esthetic services which are some of the best mani- pedis in town including skin care.  Their awesome staff have the experience and know how to make you glow!


York Street Spa

A day of relaxation accompanies a fresh new look so perfectly. Looking good a feeling good is made easy at York Street Spa with something to offer for all walks of life. Their staff are incredibly sweet and know exactly what you need. They offer services catering to all genders including massages, wedding makeup and hair, polish free mani-pedis, soothing facials, hair removal and so much more. So get that aching knot out of your backside and some layers put in all at the same spot!


Hair Republic

Hair republic has an astounding team of hairdressers of all different levels of experience allowing you to choose you a stylist based on how much you can afford which we think is superb. They do complete wedding and makeup packages, hair for men and women and everything you can expect from a distinguished salon and spa.


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